Trendy Long Workout Resistance Bands

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Our trendy long resistance bands are specially designed for intense workout activity. They are made of a high-quality cotton-polyester elements that won't be rolling up, break, or stretch out even when used for the most intensive workout.

Our Resistance bands are more wear-resistant and stronger than the general cheap as chips resistance belts. Another advantage our have is they are not only durable but also environmentally friendly.

Light, medium, hard, perfect for resistance workouts, and high enough quality for beginners to advanced users.

The strength workout bands kit is excellent for general warm-ups, stretching, and for anyone fresh to resistance training or pilates, shoulder, arms training, and other high-performance speed training. Suitable for arm curl, shoulder press, seated rows, and for adding continuous resistance to weight training exercises. suitable to Crossfit movement, Deadlift, Speed, and Agility Training.

The durable fabric long resistance bands are light in weight and space-saving. You can exercise at any time or take it to the gym, office, home, or take it on your trip. With it, you can take exercise anytime, anywhere!

Bring your handbag quickly you nee to buy this and tell your friends how you got so fit so fast.  Start exercising today!



  • Application: Pull Rope
  • Department Name: Unisex
  • Materials: polyester cotton and latex
  • Function: Comprehensive Fitness Exercise

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