Maxlite® Body Shaper Yoga Fittness Leggings and Compression Shorts


Maxlite® Body Shaper Yoga Fittness Leggings

When wearing Maxlite® you quickly realise they are the best quality body shaping leggings and compression shorts available. Easily out performing much more expensive rivals. Max comfort and flexibility of movement is our guarantee.

 High-waisted compression shorts target fat on legs, waist, and hips. Increases core temperature, resulting in more sweating and calories burned, building strength and muscle tone immediately.

Maxlite® Body Shaper Yoga Fitness Leggings and Compression Shorts improve body image while promoting sweat output and warmth, aiding with muscle building and fat burning. Ideal for running, yoga, cycling, jogging, gym, postpartum healing, and more.

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