BodyBasics™ Body Massager Slimming Electric Fat Burner

£63 £110.25

BodyBasics™ Body Massager

Top rated Cellulite Massager Body Massager Slimming Back Massager Electric Losing Weight Belly Slimming Belt Fat Burning Abdominal Massage machine

1. Promote gastrointestinal digestion and relaxation
2. High frequency vibration, directly hits deep fat tissue
3. For all kinds of non-intrusive weight loss
4. Lose weight and burn fat effortlessly
5. Lightweight and easy to use

How to use
1. Long press the power button- to power on
2. After starting up, press the key for a short time- to adjust the three different speeds

3. Long press the power button- to shutdown

Note: When the product is used, it needs to be connected to the power supply

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