"Crystal Queen™" Bead/Pearl Dinner Bag

£72.99 £248.99

Crystal Queen™ handmade pearl tote bag

Perfectly showcase the British eye for Luxury with this signature heavily beaded style

Ideal for injecting a healthy dose of kitsch into any contemporary outfit.

Is popular for weddings dinner dates, shopping, casino, events and functions, garden parties - making a statement of pure unashamed class. 

Capturing the most coveted surface finish of the moment, this rendition of Shrimps' Antonia handbag is embellished throughout with peony faux pearls and is available in a fariety of colours -texture is elevated with the style's signature grid-set floral clusters, a delicate jacquard lining and two beaded top handles.

Master the season's most desirable look and style yours with a floor-length silk dress and chunky trainers.

SIZE 18cm*11cm*17cm

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