Lace Bodysuit Floral Embroidery


Our One-Piece Lace Bodysuit also has two kinds of strap styles to choose from: cross back and neck strap. ​We compare more than ten types of lace fabrics and select the best and the brightest dye. Using a four-needle six-thread knitting process, this women's Floral Embroidery Bodysuit is velvety, soft, and shiny.

Our Floral Embroidery Bodysuit for women can be worn with skinny jeans, shorts, pants, skirts, jackets as a daily outfit. It also suits your special hot night, spicing up love with it.

Our One-Piece Lace Bodysuit features embroidered raised lace. Sturdy embroidered lace with fine threads and charming pattern, it has a concave-convex feel like a relief, highlighting the luxury and premium quality.

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