Long Sleeve High Waist Bodycon Jumpsuit

£23.99 £51.99

 Seasonal Sale 50%


Long-sleeved, V-neck, high-waisted bodycon jumpsuit

Perfect solution for your wardrobe woes! With a super-cute "laced-up" crop top and 50% off in our seasonal sale, you'll be looking stylish and feeling great—all without breaking the bank. Score!

Our Long Sleeve High Waist Bodycon Jumpsuit blends sophisticated style with luxurious comfort. Carefully crafted from soft fabrics, its unique design features a front open, V-neck, laced-up crop top, and a high-waist bottom combined with long flowing sleeves, giving you an elegant look with a hint of mystery. Cut your perfect silhouette – now with a 50% seasonal sale. Order now!

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