GlamTip Sparkling Glitter Eyeliner

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Mesmerizing Glittery Cat Liner
Easily Done With One Slide!

Infused with ultra-pigmented sparkling glitters, this liquid eyeliner will take your cut crease and liner look to the next level! One-Slide, waterproof pigmentation dries quickly and last up to 24 hours without smudging or flaking.
Designed for easy, precise application, the fine tip will ensures you slide on to create the perfect eyeliner smoothly! Perfect for any occasions, try yours to glam up the eyeshadow look with zero messy fallouts!


  • Sparkling Glittery Eyeliner
  • Long-Lasting, Waterproof
    Stay in place securely for 3-5 days with zero fallouts!
  • Quick Drying Formula
    Sweat-proof, oil-proof and are comfortable to wear.
  • Time-Saving, Easy to Apply
    No glue, primer or concealer needed, the quick-drying, ultra-pigmented formula let you paint the glitters on your eyelid in seconds!
  • Various Eye Looks
    Available in 7 vibrant colors for you to play with different eye looks!
  • Skin-Friendly
    Comfortable, safe and lightweight stick on makeup.


  • Color: As Shown


  • 1 x Sparkling Glitter Eyeliner or
  • 1 x  Sparkling Glitter Eyeliner Set

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