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This premium-quality Spiderwoman costume is an ideal choice for any cosplayer looking for a realistic, comfortable look.

  • Though Spiderman enjoys significant recognition, don't overlook the presence of a female counterpart—Spider-Girl, a superheroine of the Marvel Comics MC2 universe.
  • As the teenage daughter of Peter Parker, widely recognized as Spiderman, Spider Girl begins to manifest her spider-like abilities at fifteen and acquires the same superhuman strength as her father, and the added bonus of greater aesthetic appeal.

OH Saucy provides the perfect option for those wishing to emulate this iconic female superhero.

The Spider Girl Costume is a character jumpsuit made to last.

  • Character Jumpsuit & Romper
  • 100% Polyester
  • Spiderwoman 1 piece Costume
  • Large Size Range XS to XXXL
  • Super Quick Delivery

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